Find your new favorite essential gardening tools at Spend The Nine. The right garden tools can make any job in the garden easier, whether you're planting, pruning, trimming, harvesting, or clearing leaves.


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Pruner Sale price$29.99
Garden ScoopGarden Scoop
Garden Scoop Sale price$34.99
Garden TrowelGarden Trowel
Garden Trowel Sale price$29.99
Hori Hori ClassicHori Hori Classic
Hori Hori Classic Sale price$39.99
Artisan ShearsArtisan Shears
Artisan Shears Sale price$34.99
Garden ScissorsGarden Scissors
Garden Scissors Sale price$34.99
Tiny Congo VaseTiny Congo Vase
Tiny Congo Vase Sale price$16.00
Gugu Pear Bud VaseGugu Pear Bud Vase
Gugu Pear Bud Vase Sale price$18.00
Sold out
Mini Pebble Bud VaseMini Pebble Bud Vase
Mini Pebble Bud Vase Sale price$16.00
Sold out
Yarnnakarn Pinch Pot / CupYarnnakarn Pinch Pot / Cup
Kirby Vase - CurlyKirby Vase - Curly
Kirby Vase - Curly Sale price$55.00
Kirby Vase - EnnyKirby Vase - Enny
Kirby Vase - Enny Sale price$55.00
Kirby Vase - JayKirby Vase - Jay
Kirby Vase - Jay Sale price$55.00
KINTO SACCO Vase Porcelain 03KINTO SACCO Vase Porcelain 03
KINTO SACCO Vase Porcelain 02KINTO SACCO Vase Porcelain 02
KINTO SACCO Vase Porcelain 01KINTO SACCO Vase Porcelain 01
KINTO Luna Vase 80x70mm / 3x3inKINTO Luna Vase 80x70mm / 3x3in
Small Inka VaseSmall Inka Vase
Small Inka Vase Sale price$85.00