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Andrée Jardin Natural Dishwashing Gift Box - Mint & LemonAndrée Jardin Natural Dishwashing Gift Box - Mint & Lemon
Areaware GrinderAreaware Grinder
Areaware Grinder Sale price$48.00
Bamboo & Wood Finishing OilBamboo & Wood Finishing Oil
Organic Bamboo Essentials Utensil (Set of 4)Organic Bamboo Essentials Utensil (Set of 4)
Bamboo Condiment Cups (Set of 4) - SmallBamboo Condiment Cups (Set of 4) - Small
Classic Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board - SmallClassic Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board - Small
Bamboo Rectangle Serving TrayBamboo Rectangle Serving Tray
Bamboo Jar LidBamboo Jar Lid
Bamboo Jar Lid Sale priceFrom $3.25
Bamboo Soft Bristle Pot ScrubberBamboo Soft Bristle Pot Scrubber
Donut Bag Clips (5 Pcs)Donut Bag Clips (5 Pcs)
Donut Bag Clips (5 Pcs) Sale price$15.00
Kitchen Sponge / Loofah (3 Pack)Kitchen Sponge / Loofah (3 Pack)
Eco Coasters - Boho Colors (Set of 4)Eco Coasters - Boho Colors (Set of 4)
Eco Coasters - Earth Tones (Set of 4)
Eco Coasters - Pumpkin Patch (Set of 4)
Eco Coasters - Stone (Set of 4)
Eco Trivet - Boho Colors
Eco Trivet - Boho Colors Sale price$18.00
Eco Trivet - Earth Tones
Eco Trivet - Earth Tones Sale price$18.00
Eco Trivet - Stone
Eco Trivet - Stone Sale price$18.00
Pebbly Flexible Silicone SpatulaPebbly Flexible Silicone Spatula
Pebbly Magnetic Toast TongPebbly Magnetic Toast Tong
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Ewigstern Mini KnifeEwigstern Mini Knife
Ewigstern Mini Knife Sale price$8.00
Ewigstern Measuring SpoonEwigstern Measuring Spoon
Ewigstern Measuring Spoon Sale priceFrom $10.00
Stainless Kitchen TongsStainless Kitchen Tongs
Stainless Kitchen Tongs Sale price$10.00
Mini Glass PitcherMini Glass Pitcher
Mini Glass Pitcher Sale priceFrom $8.00
Stainless Bowl with HandleStainless Bowl with Handle
Stainless Bowl with Handle Sale priceFrom $8.00
Stainless Steel Wave KnifeStainless Steel Wave Knife