Ewigstern Mini Knife

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Introducing the Ewigstern Mini Knife: Your Culinary Companion for Effortless Slicing Precision!

Unleash your inner chef and elevate your brunch game with the Ewigstern Mini Knife – the ultimate tool designed to make slicing small ingredients an absolute breeze. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite mini knife is set to redefine your culinary experience, making every brunch a gastronomic delight.

Don't let its size fool you – this mini knife is compact and easy to handle, making it an ideal companion for any brunch gathering. Its lightweight design ensures optimal control, allowing you to create picture-perfect slices with minimal effort.

From creamy brie to chewy bagels, the Ewigstern Mini Knife handles an array of brunch essentials with finesse. Its versatile blade adapts to various textures, guaranteeing uniform slices that enhance the overall presentation of your dishes.

Dimension: 155mm x 3.8mm / 6.1 inch x 0.15 inch

Care Instruction: Hand wash only.

Material: Stainless 2CR13, Wood.

Designed in Germany. Manufactured in China.